Swaddle Your Baby? ….Sure, But Protect Their Hips!

Swaddling is a way of wrapping your baby in a blanket or sleep sack. This technique is used to help your baby cry less, be less restless and sleep better. It mimics the comfort of the womb and decreases the startle reflex. You can swaddle your baby for a few weeks or months. Once your baby starts to “break free”, it is time to stop swadding.

Swaddling tightly can cause a problem called hip dysplasia. (hips out of place or dislocated). This occurs from the blanket being too tight resulting in the baby’s hips and knees being straight and close together. Newborn hips are not strong enough to tolerate an extended position.

To learn how to safely swaddle your baby, visit the safe swaddling program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.