New Feature! Schedule Sick Appointments Online!

We have enabled a new feature on our patient portal that allows patients and caregivers to schedule sick appointments online!

Video here!

What is appropriate to schedule via this online tool?

  1. Immediate, non-emergency illnesses or injuries: (new fever, sore throat, stomach bug, ear pain, mild injury that doesn’t need stitches or a cast)
  2. Short term flare-ups of chronic conditions (asthma flare, allergies, eczema, etc).
  3. Only for established patients who have been seen in past 3 years

What is NOT appropriate?:

  1. Chronic or long-term complicated issues: (chronic headache, chronic stomachaches, other chronic illnesses)
  2. Psychological or learning issues: (anxiety, depression, attention problems, behavior problems)
  3. Checkup visits
  4. Medication recheck visits (such as ADD recheck, anxiety medication recheck, etc).
  5. Emergencies, or visits that may need stitches or a cast
  6. New patients, or patients who have not been seen in past 3 years

(Appointments for the above problems can still be requested via a portal message, but will need the assistance of a receptionist to schedule to ensure they are done correctly.)


  1. Log into the patient portal
  2. Make sure you are in the chart of the child who needs the appointment – click on the drop-down on the upper left to switch between children.
  3. Click on the button.
  4. Click on the drop down shown below and pick “Sick Visit”
  5. In the screen that comes up, there will be drop-down options to filter by doctor and location.   The provider drop-down will show only those doctors who your child has seen since switching to our new software, so to see all doctor options leave that as “No Preference.”
  6. Click on a date and time, add a description of the current problem to the Notes text box, then click Schedule Appointment.
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