Thanks for all of the positive reviews!

A few weeks ago, we invited families with children seen in our office in the last three months to do a brief online survey (just 2 questions, we know you all are busy!) The response rate was great, and we really appreciate the feedback.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive. We can’t thank you, our patients, enough — our business relies on word-of-mouth, and your supportive comments to your friends and neighbors are what helps our practice thrive!

We wanted to first share the top positive comments that we’ve received. Yes, this is a little bit of a braggy post, but we’re just so happy with the feedback that we wanted to share.

We also received some very helpful critical comments, too. We’ve already taken steps to address many of those. In future posts here, we’re going to highlight some of the criticisms we’ve received, and talk about what we’re doing to address those. We hope posts like these help continue the dialogue. As much as we love the positive comments, we also need to hear the negatives — that’s the best way to help us continue to improve and serve your children better.

But, for today, only the good news! Presenting, first, the top 5 positive remarks we received from you, our practice families:

#5 : Sick Visit Quick Availability — We always have same-day sick appointments available. When your children are sick, and you’re worried, we’re here for you.

#4: Front Office Staff is Welcoming and Professional — We strive to be welcoming, even when your children aren’t feeling well.

#3: Doctors Spending Enough Time with Patients/Not Feeling Rushed — We’re not here to stare at a clock or tell you when your time is up. When you need more time with the doctor, you’ll get more time with the doctor. That’s the reason we’re here.

#2: Nursing staff is Kid-Friendly, Caring, and Gentle — We know a smile goes a long way, and that a sick or worried child needs extra care. Our team wants children and parents to feel comfortable and loved.

And the #1 comment from the surveys (drum roll please)

#1: Our doctors are great!  — Aw, shucks. There were a ton of comments about our expertise and communication skills and caring attitude. Again, can I say, thanks!! It’s our pleasure to help out, but everyone likes a compliment now and then!

Thanks again for all the kind comments! Next: some of the constructive criticism, and what we’re going to do about it — stay tuned!

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