Time for flu vaccines!

Flu season is just around the corner, and it’s time make sure you and your family are protected. Washing hands, staying away from sick people, getting enough sleep — those are all important. But another big step you can take to protect your family from flu is to follow the recommendations of the CDC and your child’s pediatrician: Everyone aged 6 months and over should get a flu vaccine every year.

We’ve got plenty stocked now at both offices for our patients and parents. You can call during regular hours for a special “flu shot visit”, or follow the instructions below to make your own appointment via your child’s online portal. Be safe, vaccinate!

  • All of the flu vaccine we stock is in single-dose, preservative-free prefilled syringes. There is no “Flumist” option this year.
  • We are happy to file insurance for adult vaccines. Or, you can pay a cash charge of $35 for a flu shot on the day of administration.

To make an online flu clinic appointment:

  1. Sign up for a portal account, if you haven’t already. Here are full instructions. You’ll need portal access for every individual person, adult and child, to make each online flu clinic appointment.
  2. Log in to your portal
  3. Make sure you’re looking at the correct family member’s access. The “patient” who will be getting the flu vaccine should appear in the upper left, after “you are viewing.” Change the name with the down arrow, if necessary. If you have multiple family members who need flu vaccines, you’ll need to follow the next steps once for each family member, after changing the name in this upper left area.
  4. Choose “appointments”, then select as the “reason” Injection/Vaccination from the down arrow. Then click “find appointments”.
  5. The next screen will show available appointments on days with the green circle highlights. Make sure you’re looking at the office you prefer — change the office under “location” if necessary.
  6. Choose a day with a green circle, then choose the time, then click “schedule now.”
  7. Don’t forget to do this once for every family member — one appointment for each person. If you can’t get all of your kids and adults at one time or adjacent times, call our office and we’ll help squeeze it in.
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