Our logo and our practice

In 2006 we opened our second office, in Alpharetta, and that’s when we last updated our logo, colors, and letterhead — the look of our practice. We’ve got some big, exciting changes coming up (spoiler: we’re NOT moving either office, but Roswell will have a major renovation), and it’s time for a fresh new look.

But first, have you wondered where the current logo came from? The image was part of a photo of me with my then-two-year-old daughter. We thought it captured the spirit of our practice — a gentle hand, holding the hand of a child. The focus of the image is on the child, like the focus of our specialty. The hand of the parent is there to guide and protect his child, while our role as your pediatrician is to guide and protect your family.

Dr. Roy and daughter, 2006

My daughter and I have grown a lot since 2006, and our practice has grown too! We now have nine doctors at our two offices (and one more joining soon!). But what hasn’t changed is our committment to offering top-quality, evidence-based medical advice to help keep our practice families happy, healthy, and safe.

2019 — I look about the same!

We’ll soon be renovating our Roswell office, and we’ve got a great new design and a new logo that reflects growth, happiness, and renewal. If you’ve been by the office lately, you might have gotten an early peek at the new logo on one of our staff member’s new jackets. But for now, I’m feeling a little nostalgic, and I wanted to be sure to thank Sophie for her years as our logo model. You’ve grown so much, and I couldn’t be more proud.