Construction at Roswell Office begins soon

Exciting news! We’ve got all of our plans approved, our contractor is ready to begin, and Dr. Stan even brought a big shovel from home! It’s time to start our Big Roswell Renovation!

We’ll do everything we can to make this less disruptive, but construction is going to require some temporary changes:

  • We will have to block off parts of the Roswell office on many days in the coming weeks. That may mean we have to ask some people originally booked at Roswell to travel to our Windward office for their appointments. We will contact you in advance if this is needed.
  • Though we typically open the Roswell office on Saturdays, we’ll have to move Saturday appointments to Windward for some weekends. Again, we will let affected patients and their families know.
  • Though we’ll do what we can to keep dust and noise down, construction is, well, dusty and noisy! If you’d rather avoid that, please make your appointments at the Windward office while Roswell is under renovation.

We appreciate everyone’s patience! It will all be worth it for a new, modern, and easy-to-get-around Roswell office — you’re going to love it!