It’s time for your flu vaccine!

Flu season is on the way! One of the best ways to protect your family is to follow the CDC’s recommendation: everyone 6 months and older should get an influenza vaccine every year.

We’re happy to offer flu vaccines to our patients and their parents, and we’ve now got plenty in stock. For parents, we can file for payment from your insurance company (make sure your insurance does not insist that you visit your own PCP for vaccines), or you can pay a cash price of $35 for the flu vaccine.

You can book an appointment for your family by using the portal 24/7 (details below!) or by calling on the phone during regular hours. Either way, we hope to see to you soon to help get your family protected!

The Flumist nasal “squirt” vaccine is an option for many children, but we don’t have our supply in yet. Frankly, we’re skeptical that we’ll get what we ordered this year. There are supply problems nationwide. It’s best if you go ahead and get the injection, but if you’re really interested in the mist, call us every few weeks to see if we have any. At this time we are NOT booking any mist visits.

More info: CDC’s flu information

To use the portal to book a flu visit:

  1. Log in. There are additional instructions for signing up or adding siblings on that same page.
  2. Click “appointments”
  3. Choose as the reason EITHER of these:
    1. Flu shot visit“for a special after-hours slot for nights/weekends. Note these slots are ONLY for flu immunizations for children or parents.
    2. Injection/vaccination” for a regular-hours appointment for influenza and/or other vaccines.
  4. Click “Find appointments”
  5. You can change the location, date, or other preferences on the next screen, and then click any of the times to book your slot!
  6. Repeat this for all of the children/adults in your family. You’ll need to make sure you’re logged into the portal for the correct person each time. If the portal accounts are linked, you can change which person you’re viewing on the portal home screen, upper left corner.