Ranitidine (Zantac) recall

This week, a recall was announced for the liquid version of ranitidine made by Lannett. This is one of the generic versions of Zantac, available in liquid form by prescription only. If you have a prescribed bottle of liquid ranitidine, take a look at the pharmacist’s label for the “MFR” — if it says Lannett, send us a portal message for instructions. If you’re not sure if your liquid ranitidine is a Lannett product, contact your pharmacist.

Previously, some versions of ranitidine in capsule forms had also been recalled, including many sold as store brands. If you have a capsule version of OTC ranitidine, contact your pharmacist to see if it was recalled.

These products have been recalled because an impurity was discovered with a chemical that’s a carcinogen. However, the exposure levels are small, and it’s unlikely that any harm will be caused by use of one of these products. Still, to be cautious, it’s best to stop using any recalled ranitidine.