Check-up Schedule

Please call as far in advance as possible to schedule check-ups. We recommend vaccinations according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please consult with us for the latest schedule of immunizations and recommended tests. This may vary from patient to patient depending on the specific situation and as new immunizations become available.

We encourage a first visit 2-3 days after discharge, especially for nursing babies. If your baby left the hospital before 24 hours, you must come in for a visit two days after discharge to complete the required state metabolic screen (the “PKU.”)

Within first week


2 week


1 month


2 months

Exam, Pediarix #1, Hib #1, PCV13 #1, oral rotavirus #1

4 months

Exam, Pediarix #2, HIB #2, PCV13 #2, oral rotavirus #2

6 months

Exam, Pediarix #3, PCV13 #3, oral rotavirus #3, Lead Risk Screen.

Influenza vaccine is recommended each winter for everyone over 6 months of age.

9 months


12 months

Exam, Hep A #1, MMR#1, Var #1, Hgb (Iron), TB Risk Screen, Vision Screen

15 months

Exam, PCV13#4, HIB#3, DTaP#4

18 months

Exam, Hep A#2

2 years

Exam, Hgb (Iron), TB Risk Screen, BP, Lead Risk Screen, Vision Screen

2 ½ years


3 years

Exam, TB Risk Screen, BP, Vision Screen

4 years

Exam, Kinrix (IPV+DTaP), Proquad (MMR+Varicella), TB Risk Screen, BP, Vision and Hearing Screens

5 years

Exam, Hearing and Vision Screens, TB Risk Screen, Urine, BP

6, 7 years

Exam, TB Risk Screen, BP, Vision Screen (every other year if not done at school)

After age 7

Exam recommended every year.

Tdap, meningitis, and HPV vaccines are given prior to middle school, typically at 11 years. A second dose of HPV vaccine is given at 12 years.

A meningitis booster vaccine is given at age 16.

Urine screen for STDs (GC, Chlamydia) offered at age 16-18 per AAP guidelines.

 Pediarix = combo vaccine IPV + DTaP + Hep B; PCV13 = pneumococcal conjugative vaccine; Kinrix = combo IPV + DTaP. HPV = Human Papilloma Virus. All vaccines except some influenza products are thimerosol-free. For additional information about vaccines, see our web site or