Electronic check-in: Fast and easy, coming soon!

We’ll soon be moving to an all-electronic check-in process. It’s simple and easy, and you’ll be able to do it in advance, in the quiet and privacy of your home. Before your child’s appointment you’ll get a text or email with a link that will take you to the electronic forms. If you prefer, you can complete them in the office after you arrive. These electronic “forms” can be done on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Some advantages of electronic check-in:

  • You can do them in advance at home, so you don’t have to fiddle with all of forms while you’re in the office. You’ll be able to enter your questions and concerns, without feeling rushed or distracted.
  • You’ll only have to fill out items that are necessary (for instance, insurance companies require certain disclosures once every 12 months. If you’ve already signed off on those within that time period, you won’t be asked again.)
  • Answers that don’t typically change from year to year will be “sticky”, and your previous answers will already be there the next time you get the form. You’ll be given an opportunity to put in new information, but if nothing has changed you won’t have to repeat your answers.
  • All of your answers will instantly, automatically, and correctly appear in your electronic record.
  • Electronic submissions help protect privacy. We won’t have paper forms that can be mislaid. As a bonus, it’s better for the environment to not have paper to shred.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback and the reviews you’ve been posting to social media. We’re listening, and you’re helping us become a better practice. Other projects are in the works, too, based on what you’ve told us is important to you. Stay tuned!

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We’re open!

Our plan for today is to open both offices — please call for an appointment soon if you need to come in. We’ll keep an eye on things and may close early if necessary for the safety of our patients and staff. Stay warm and safe!

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Meningitis B vaccine is a good idea for your older teen

Vaccines with the brand names Bexsero and Trumenba are available to protect against “Meningococcus B” (MenB), which can cause the very serious infection meningitis. However, the vaccine is not universally recommended for everyone. Instead, it’s a vaccine that “may” be given during high school or college, after weighing the potential risks and benefits. At our practice, based on the most recent research, we do believe receiving this vaccine is a good idea for our teens, and especially for those bound for college.

We will offer MenB vaccination at the 16 year well check. One booster dose is needed, which can be given one month or more later. For convenience, we’ll plan for most teens to get the booster at their 17 year well visit.

Why are there two kinds of meningococcal vaccine, and what’s the difference?

All children, starting at age 11, are recommended to get a broader meningococcal vaccine, one that protects against the other strains that circulate. However, these vaccines do not include the “B” strain – to cover that, a separate, different vaccine is needed.


How common is MenB disease?

It is rare. In the US, there are probably about 200 cases per year in people of all ages. Among people aged 16-24 (the age at which the meningitis B vaccine is typically used), there are probably about 60 cases per year. College students are at about triple the risk of the general population.


How well does this vaccine work? How long does protection last?

Because MenB disease is so rare, there have not been clinical studies to show effectiveness. Estimates of effectiveness are based on blood tests of immunity. It is estimated that after a full series between 63-94% of recipients will be protected, and that protection may last 24-48 months.


What adverse events are expected after receiving MenB?

In clinical trials the most common adverse events within 7 days of receiving MenB were injection site pain, swelling, or redness (80%%–90% of recipients). Up to 30% of recipients considered the pain to be severe. Other reported symptoms included fatigue (35%–40%), headache (33%%–35%), and myalgia (30%%–49%). In general adverse events were more frequent with the first dose than with subsequent doses.


Are there people who should definitely get this vaccine?

Yes. People with certain immune conditions are at elevated risk. It should also be given to people exposed during a known outbreak.


More info from CDC

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Measles is here

Two cases of measles have been reported in the metro Atlanta area,  the Georgia Department of Public Health reported today. The cases were probably brought here by unvaccinated children from Washington State, which has reported 16 cases, two of whom recently traveled to Georgia. Of the 16 Washington cases known so far, 14 were unvaccinated (the other 2 have unknown vaccine status at this time.) Most of these cases are in children less than 10 years of age, and two have been hospitalized.

Measles is among the most contagious infections known, though until just a few years ago transmission in the United States had been eliminated. It is now surging in several countries in Europe and across the globe, driven by gaps in vaccine coverage. It’s the unfortunate but entirely predictable outcome of an entirely unjustified fear of vaccines.

The symptoms of measles are fever, rash, cough, red eyes, and runny nose. If you suspect your child has measles DO NOT COME TO OUR OFFICE. A potential measles exposure is unsafe for the young babies and other vulnerable people here. Instead of coming in, CALL US ON THE PHONE, 24/7, and we will help make arrangements for your child to be evaluated safely in a setting that minimizes the risk. Please DO NOT just go to an emergency department or urgent care center – CALL US, and we will help ensure your child gets the right care in the right place.

Measles is a serious infection that can cause long-term problems. It is essential that all of us are properly vaccinated to protect ourselves, our communities, and the people among us who cannot be vaccinated (young babies and people with immune problems.) We can beat measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases back, but we must work together to fight the fearmongers, listen to the real experts & the genuine science, and do the right thing for our children. Vaccinate!

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Yoga with Dr. Michelle

Did you know that Dr. Michelle became a certified yoga instructor last year? She’s now teaching classes at Mayuri Yoga! Dr. Michelle would like to invite you to practice yoga with her on Sunday mornings at 11 am. She is teaching a basics yoga class open to anyone 14 years of age and older. Parents are welcome as well! No yoga experience is needed.

Yoga benefits your body and your mind! Take a break from school or work & find a spot on the mat. See Dr. Michelle’s yoga website drmichyoga.wixsite.com/yoga or go directly to www.mayuriyoga.com to sign up for class. Dr. Michelle hopes to extend classes to younger children as this brand new studio grows!

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