Dr. Roy’s blog and more

Dr. Roy’s blog, The Pediatric Insider, has hundreds of posts about parenting and children’s health. Visit to explore, post comments, and suggest topics of your own.

He has also recorded a lecture series, called Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases. Through medical mystery cases, you’ll learn about medicine and about how doctors think.

Dr. Roy’s first book, A Guide to Getting the Best Healthcare for Your Child, is also available. In this book, Dr. Roy reveals the secrets of pediatrics that could help every parent and child. The best ways to choose and use all aspects of pediatric care are covered: traditional medicine, alternative medicine, hospitals, emergency rooms, telephone calls, insurance, sources of medical information and more.

Dr. Roy’s second book, Solving Health and Behavioral Problems from Birth Through Preschool: A Parent’s Guide, will help parents understand the most common childhood maladies and misbehaviors and know what the best options are for action. The topics addressed range from abdominal pain, ear infections and vomiting to issues with eating, sleeping and toilet training. Dr. Roy includes the most recent research in each area, and shares vignettes from his own practice.

Both of Dr. Roy’s books can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the publisher, or ordered from any local bookstore.