Check-in before your appointment – from home!

You can now “check in” for your appointment ahead of time – from the quiet and privacy of your home!

Before your child’s appointment, you’ll get a text or email with a link that will take you to the electronic forms. Use your phone, a PC, or a tablet to complete them. We’ll be collecting the same information you used to do on paper, but without the scribbling and scramble of doing them while keeping an eye on your children at our office! You’ll be able to record exactly what concerns you want addressed and what questions you want to get answered.

Some advantages of electronic check-in:

  • Doing them in advance means you won’t feel rushed or distracted.
  • You’ll only have to fill out items that are necessary (for instance, insurance companies require certain disclosures once every 12 months. If you’ve already signed off on those within that time period, you won’t be asked again.)
  • Answers that don’t typically change from year to year will be “sticky”, and your previous answers will already be there the next time you get the form. You’ll be given an opportunity to put in new information, but if nothing has changed you won’t have to repeat your answers.
  • All of your answers will instantly, automatically, and correctly appear in your electronic record.
  • Electronic submissions help protect privacy. We won’t have paper forms that can be mislaid. As a bonus, it’s better for the environment to not have paper to shred.

Electronic check-in is a new feature for our patients that will improve patient care and make it easier to use our practice. We’ve also rolled out a patient portal you can use to view results and contact us for non-urgent matters 24/7, and a way for our patients to book their appointments online. All of these help you stay in touch and access your pediatrician, and all of these new features are free to our patient families.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback and the reviews you’ve been posting to social media. We’re listening, and you’re helping us become a better practice. Other big projects are in the works, too, based on what you’ve told us is important to you. Stay tuned!