An interview with Dr. Jean Muench, retiring soon

Our most experienced pediatrician, Dr. Jean Muench, will be retiring this month. She’s been with our practice for 20 years, and we’re going to miss her wisdom, intelligence, and common sense. We talked about her career and the many ways medicine and pediatrics have changed.

Jean, why did you choose pediatrics?

I was deciding between pediatrics and surgery. I especially liked infectious diseases, studying growth and development, and teaching — teaching and working with parents.

Did you make the right choice?

Oh, yes.

How has pediatrics changed during your career?

In a way, we’re working our way out of our own jobs, with more and better vaccines. I would have loved to stay a little longer, to see successful vaccines to prevent RSV and strep, for instance.

You’re a pediatrician, of course, but you’ve also raised your own children. How has being a parent changed?

Parents now have to cope with the impact of the media and the internet on themselves and their children — for better or worse!

What are your plans now?

This summer I plan to spend more time swimming and spending time with my three grandchildren.

Do you have a last pearl for parents, one little bit of advice you’d like to share?

Take a deep breath, and count to five.

Thanks, that works for almost any occasion! We’ll miss you, Jean. All of the doctors and staff at Pediatric Physicians wish you the best!