ALL EMPLOYEES are required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated, including having completed COVID vaccination.

Clinical staff – We are currently hiring full-time nurses, techs, and medical assistants

Front Office Staff – We are not currently hiring

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS, GRADUATES, and people interested in pursuing a medical career (nursing/PA/NP/Med school) We need clinical staff to help with direct patient care, and working at our office can be a great way to propel your career while getting hands-on experience and making good money. You’ll have to get a medical assistant, nurse technician, or similar certificate — inexpensive, brief online or in-person courses are available**, and we can even help with tuition. You must also have graduated high school or completed your GED, or be on your way towards graduation. It’s busy, fun work with a great team, and can be a stepping stone to your future in medicine!

Contact:  practiceadmin@pediatricphysicianspc.com

* * https://www.atlantacareerinstitute.net/ and others