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You can use our patient portal to send and receive secure non-urgent messages with your doctor or the administrative staff, pay bills, review information from past appointments, and find common forms & information. For urgent clinical concerns (like whether your child needs to be seen in-office), call our practice instead.

If you have a portal account already, click here:

To Sign Up:

If you are the patient, you can create a portal account on the Create Account page. Parents can set up a portal account for themselves to access all of their children’s records by calling our office at 770-518-9277.

Portal FAQ

Video help – Send a secure message to a doctor, nurse, or staff

How do I handle multiple children in my family?

  1. Sign into the portal with the account you already created for yourself (as a family member of a patient).
  2. Make sure that the top left tab says your name and not your child’s name
  3. Scroll down to “My Profile” and click on the “family access” tab
  4. There should be a button under your child’s name that says “add patient” – click that button and you should be able to add an additional child.

If this doesn’t work, let us know – sometimes we need to tweak your child’s record in the system to make sure their info is correct!

I can only see billing information for my 18 year old.  Can I see their health information too?

At 18, the portal defaults to “privacy” mode.  If you’d like to see your teenager’s health information, they will need to sign up for a portal account and you would need to ask them to share their information with you.  You should not sign up to the portal as if you are, yourself, your teenager.

I don’t want to use the portal – I want you guys to keep doing things the way you’ve always done it.

While we encourage you to consider trying the portal’s nifty features, we understand that some of our families would like to only interact with us face-to-face, and that’s totally fine! Just let our front desk know, and we can deactivate the portal, as well as automated reminders, phone calls, etc.

Is there any charge or cost to families to use the portal?


How soon will I get a response to portal messages?

For non-clinical items, we’ll respond within 24 hours.

For form requests, we’ll do our best to get them to you within a week (though it depends on the complexity of the form, and whether more medical information is needed. We try to complete forms as accurately as possible. Please be patient.)

For medical questions for our doctors, your call will be reviewed on the next day your chosen doctor is working. If you’d like a response from any doctor (rather than your usual doctor), you can include that in the message. But we try to steer messages to the physician who knows your child best. If you need a fast response, please CALL OUR OFFICE rather than using this portal.

If I’m a teenager, can I sign up for the portal as myself?

Yes – in this case, just create an account as above.

If I’m a teenager who wants to share my health information with my parent, how do I do that?

Yes, you may choose to do this through the Family Access preferences in your portal.

Understand, though, that this will allow your parents to see *all* of your health results and visit notes. You can, however, revoke access at any time.

How do I do a chart export so I can share records with another health care provider?

  1. Log in and select My Health from the right menu
  2. Select Health Records from the top menu, the image above is what will show
  3. Select the time period (All Time, Single Date, Custom Date Range)
  4. Select the type (CCDA, CDA, Referral note)
  5. Add the email address or direct address to use for the export recipient.

How can I access billing records?

  1. Log in and select Billing & Payments from the right menu.
  2. Select Payment History from the top menu to view payments.
  3. Select Statements from the top menu to view patient statements.

How do I change my notification preferences, so I can choose how to be alerted to new messages and information?

From the Home screen, click on the name in the upper right, and then click “my profile.”

You can then edit your contact information, notification settings, or family access settings.