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Media/Screen Time

“Media Time” includes time spent in front of a computer, tablet, television, smart phone, or another screen. It can be difficult to balance Media Time with other activities, but it’s important to have common-sense rules for your family to prevent media overuse and to make sure your child has time for other activities.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created a site to make it easy for you to make your own, personalized “Family Media Plan.”

At the website, you can use a “media time calculator” that’s already filled in with sleep needs and other information based on your child’s age. You’ll put in the other activities and times, and you can see how media time fits into their day.

There’s also a section, “create your family media plan”, where as a family you can choose the guidelines and suggestions that are most important to you. The plan accommodates children of all ages, and creates rules that everyone can agree on to cut down on fighting and arguing over screens. To help make this successful, ensure that your whole family participates in creating the plan. It’s a great way to help you and your children balance your online and off-line lives.