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Coronavirus Update 3/9/21

COVID rates continue to fall — there’s light at the end of the tunnel! But we still need to be careful to prevent new cases and make sure we’re addressing the needs of people who’ve had COVID.

Please get your COVID vaccine as soon as you qualify

COVID vaccines are safe and very effective at preventing severe disease. They’re already helping make our our schools, businesses, and communities safer. All of the staff and physicians at our office have gotten the vaccine, and you should too.

Currently in Georgia, first responders, teachers, people age 65+ (and their caretakers), educators, and parents of medically fragile children qualify.  Review this site for more details about the current recommended groups and links to sign up for vaccinations at public sites and chain stores. 

Children who’ve had COVID may need to be re-evaluated

Though most children who’ve had COVID recover completely, some children can have ongoing symptoms including fatigue, headaches, respiratory problems, and symptoms related to the heart. New guidance from the AAP calls for increased vigilance for symptoms of especially heart problems in children after COVID. They’ve made these recommendations:

If your child had severe COVID (MIS-C or an ICU admission), followup with a cardiologist is essential.

If your child had moderate COVID (more than 3 days of fever, or more than 6 days of other significant symptoms), a clinical examination by one of our physicians along with an EKG is recommended prior to resuming sports.

If your child has had mild COVID, a re-evaluation at our office is recommended prior to resuming sports.

Cardiac re-evaluation should take place after isolation has been completed. Once cleared, your child should gradually return to full activity over a week or so. Families should continue to look out for potential symptoms of heart problems, including chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, or fainting and lightheadedness. 

Update for Wellcare members

For our patients in the Wellcare program, look out for more news coming soon about steps you will need to take to transition to a new plan.

Help Dr. Roy raise money to fight kids’ cancer

This weekend, Dr. Roy and his team are having their heads shaved to raise awareness and money to find cures for childhood cancer. Any contributions welcome!