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Many parents are struggling with the difficult decision: should you send your children to school or preschool? Dr. Roy's video today focuses on the questions you should be asking to help reach the best decision. It's not easy!

Please add followup questions below, and we'll try to answer them right away. Please, no specific patient information should be posted here. If you have a question specific to your own child, send us a portal message.

Dr. Roy's previous video talked about the CDC's specific ideas to help make schools as safe as possible:

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Hey everyone -- wow, our phones are ringing off the hook these days. We know a lot of people are facing tough decisions about school. We've posted many videos here to help answer as many questions as we can. They're also posted at That website is also a great resource for people trying to figure out who "counts" as exposed and who should be in quarantine. Check it out!

At the same time, our offices are crazy-busy with people trying to catch up on missed check-ups. The bottom line is we don't have the nursing power to personally and quickly return all of these calls for general discussions. We have to prioritize taking care of the children in our office and returning calls about sick children who need advice for their immediate medical care.

if you have GENERAL questions about school and COVID, post them here or under one of the videos. We can't talk about your specific child here on Facebook.

We'll get through this together. Keep up the social distancing, masking, and other steps we need to slow the outbreak -- that's the best way to ensure your children will be safe, whether or not they return to in-person school this fall. We appreciate your patience!

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