Pediatric Physicians, PC is a friendly and welcoming medical practice for your children. Our two offices in Alpharetta and Roswell are staffed by devoted, board-certified pediatricians, practicing the best state-of-the-art pediatric care from newborns to teens, including a 100% commitment to keep your children up to date on vaccines.

We’re easy to reach by telephone–no annoying phone tree!–and there’s plenty of free parking right at the doors of both offices. Same-day sick appointments are always available.

We’re here when you need us, and we’re here to help.

Roswell: 770-518-9277
Windward: 678-527-1555
After Hours Backup Line: 770-928-5214‬
(or, send us a message or schedule an appointment via the portal!)

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Join the fight – learn how to help prevent suicide

Suicide is among the most common causes of death of teens and young adults, and the rates are rising. Unfortunately, people at the most risk of suicide may not be able to get themselves the help and resources they need.

I’ve written and taped a short, 45 minute lecture series, A Practical Guide to Suicide Prevention, to help family and friends recognize the warning signs of suicide risk, and to help people learn the best steps to take when someone is in danger. It’s part of The Great Courses Plus streaming service, and you can watch or listen to the audio as part of a free trial.

If you do join The Great Courses Plus, please check out my other courses. I have three audio/visual series titled Medical School for Everyone. They’re all presented as medical mystery cases for laymen to figure out. While figuring out the mysteries, you’ll learn about medicine, physiology, therapeutics, and how doctors think through solving diagnostic mysteries yourself. The feedback has been great – I think you’ll enjoy the courses! You can watch them via the free trial on The Great Courses streaming service, or buy them individually (with a no-hassle money back guarantee) from The Great Courses. Links below!

Next year I have a new course coming out called A Skeptic’s Guide to Health, Medicine, and the Media. It’s going to be great – look out for it around February 2019.

My courses:

A Practical Guide to Suicide Prevention – via The Great Courses Plus

Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Cases – medical mysteries for you to solve! From The Great Courses Plus streaming, from The Great Courses to purchase, or from Amazon

Medical School For Everyone: Emergency Medicine – mystery cases from the Emergency Department. From The Great Courses Plus streaming, from The Great Courses to purchase, or from Amazon

Medical School For Everyone: Pediatric Grand Rounds – mystery cases from the worl of pediatrics! The Great Courses Plus streaming, from The Great Courses to purchase, or from Amazon

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Flumist now available

We now have a limited supply of Flumist, the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine, available at both offices. This kind of vaccine can only be used in children age 2 and up, and only in children who don’t have asthma or other chronic diseases. Getting a flu vaccine — either the traditional injection or the mist — is one of the best ways to protect your children, your family, and your community, and now’s the time to do it. Book your appointment soon!

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It’s time for your flu vaccine

Flu season is on the way! One of the best ways to protect your family is to follow the CDC’s recommendation: everyone 6 months and older should get an influenza vaccine every year.

For the traditional flu “shot” or injection, the only stock we’re carrying is the quadrivalent formulation in preservative-free vials. This helps protect against 4 strains of influenza.

This year, a reformulated “Flumist” nasal spray has been re-introduced. According to the experts who’ve reviewed the data for the CDC, it’s expected to be about equivalent in effectiveness as the injected form. Flumist has not yet been shipped — we don’t have it yet, but we will, hopefully in the coming weeks. It can only be used from age 2 through 49, and people with immune problems or chronic heart or lung disease, including asthma, should get the shot instead.

We’re happy to offer these vaccines to our patients and their parents. For parents, we can file for payment from your insurance company (make sure your insurance does not insist that you visit your own PCP for vaccines), or you can pay a cash price of $35 for the flu vaccine.

You can book an appointment for your family by using the portal or by calling on the phone. Either way, we hope to see to you soon to help get your family protected!

More info: CDC’s flu information



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Limiting Media/Screen Time

“Media Time” includes time spent in front of a computer, tablet, television, smart phone, or another screen. It can be difficult to balance Media Time with other activities, but it’s important to have common-sense rules for your family to prevent media overuse and to make sure your child has time for other activities.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created a site to make it easy for you to make your own, personalized “Family Media Plan.”

At the website, you can use a “media time calculator” that’s already filled in with sleep needs and other information based on your child’s age. You’ll put in the other activities and times, and you can see how media time fits into their day.

There’s also a section, “create your family media plan”, where as a family you can choose the guidelines and suggestions that are most important to you. The plan accommodates children of all ages, and creates rules that everyone can agree on to cut down on fighting and arguing over screens. To help make this successful, ensure that your whole family participates in creating the plan. It’s a great way to help you and your children balance your online and off-line lives.

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Stay in touch

We want all of our patients and families to be able to reach us – and we’ve now got more ways than ever to stay in touch!

Our portal allows you to send non-urgent messages directly to your favorite doctor, or to our nursing, scheduling, or office staff. You can also review notes from your visits or upload documents to us via a link above the messaging section. We also routinely send normal and negative lab results to families via the portal, to make it quicker and easier for families to get results. Signing up for the portal is free – check it out!

You can also schedule sick visits either via the portal, or via the links on the front page of our website (even if you don’t yet have a portal account!) Try it especially on evenings or weekends to get your child a sick appointment for the next day. For well appointments (checkups), please call our office during regular hours. We hope to have well appointments available for all patients from the portal soon.

Keep in mind that portal messages aren’t monitored while we’re closed. For emergencies or urgent medical questions, it’s best to call us on the phone. Just call our regular office numbers, 24/7. The operator will connect you with a nurse or physician. If for any reason you don’t hear back soon, call again. We try to return urgent calls quickly.

Very rarely, we’ve had issues with phone service. If that happens, try to reach us through the portal, or via a backup line to our answering service: 770-928-5214.

We also post news and practice information here on our practice website and on our Facebook page (stop by and Like us!). Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of reviews on Google and other sites – and we want you to know we look at all of them, and we appreciate both your kind support and the occasional post that tells us how we need to improve!

As always, thanks for all of your support and trust. Stay in touch!

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