Pediatric Physicians, PC is a friendly and welcoming medical practice for your children. Our two offices in Alpharetta and Roswell are staffed by devoted, board-certified pediatricians, practicing the best state-of-the-art pediatric care from newborns to teens, including a 100% commitment to keep your children up to date on vaccines.

We’re easy to reach by telephone–no annoying phone tree!–and there’s plenty of free parking right at the doors of both offices. Same-day sick appointments are always available.

We’re here when you need us, and we’re here to help.

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Flu shot vaccine clinics: call now to schedule

Influenza season is on the way, and it’s time to make sure you and your family are protected. We’ve scheduled our first flu shot vaccine evening clinics for Tuesday, October 13 at Roswell, and Thursday October 15 at Windward.

Because of a national supply problem, we have not yet received most of our supply of Flumist (the nasal squirt influenza vaccine) – so we cannot give Flumist at these clinics. We’re hopeful to have more Flumist later this fall or winter, but we’re encouraging families to go ahead and get the injected vaccine, now, rather than wait.

We have also had problems with the supply of our injected flu vaccine for children less than three years old old. There should be enough for these clinics– but the exact dates we receive these supplies are out of our control. We appreciate your patience if we have to reschedule some of your visits because of supply issues.

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Is it a cold, the flu, a sinus infection, or allergies?

There are important differences between these common causes of nasal congestion, cough, and misery.

The common cold

Also called an “acute upper respiratory infection”, a “cold” usually starts with a vague ill feeling, followed by a sore throat and then a congested or drippy nose. Sometimes, there’s a fever at the start of the illness (that’s more common in babies and younger children.) A few days later, a cough begins. On average, the symptoms of a cold last about 10 days, though often the cough lingers for 2 or 3 weeks.

The symptoms of a cold grow or develop over several days, and the fever is really only at the beginning. By day 7-10 things start to improve.

“The flu” is a specific viral infection, and it’s not just a bad cold. Symptoms including fever, sore throat, body aches, nasal congestion or drip, and cough all pretty much start all at the same time, or within a few hours. Sometimes there are also gastrointestinal symptoms like abdominal pain or vomiting. Fever and aches are usually the worst symptoms – you feel, pretty much, like you’ve been hit by a truck. The worst symptoms last five days, but the congestion and cough often linger for another week or so.

The symptoms of influenza are sudden and severe.



Most common colds, of course, go away on their own, with or without any kind of treatment. But rarely a common cold can turn into a sinus infection. That occurs when the persistent mucus becomes infected with bacteria, leading to worsening symptoms 7-10 days into an ordinary cold, or persistent symptoms 2 weeks after a cold begins. Very rarely, sinusitis can start suddenly and severely, but much more typically there is first a cold that turns into a sinus infection.

A sinus infection is like a cold, but the symptoms worsen after 7-10 days.



Allergies mostly causes nasal symtpoms, including stuffiness, congestion, dripping, and sneezing, along with an itchy sensation. Often there are eye symptoms as well. Allergies, alone, never cause a fever. Though there can sometimes be a cough or sore throat, those symptoms are less severe than the main, nasal symptoms.

Allergies cause mostly nasal symptoms, and no fevers.

This was adapted from a post on Dr. Roy’s blog—visit PediatricInsider.com for the full series of posts on this and many other topics.

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Independence day holiday hours

Our offices will be closed the afternoon of Friday, July 3 and closed Saturday July 4. As always, one of our physicians will be available for telephone consultations for emergencies. We’ll reopen with routine hours on Monday July 6.

If your child needs to be seen Friday, the Kids Time Pediatrics locations are open in the evening from 6-9 PM (their usual weekday hours.) On Saturday July 4, Kids Time is open in Alpharetta from 1-4 and in East Cobb from 1-5. On Sunday, the Kids Time locations will resume their usual weekend hours from 1-7 PM.

This year, Georgia laws have allowed the sale of a wide variety of fireworks, including rockets. Please remember, these are NOT safe for children or teens.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!

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Summer safety day at CHOA

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will be having a summer safety day on Friday, June 19, in the lobby of each of the CHOA hospitals (Scottish Rite, Egleston, and Hughes Spalding), noon to 4pm.

“Play games, win prizes and learn valuable tips for water safety, travel and play safety, heat safety and sleep safety. Inform yourself and make sure you and your kids spend more time poolside than bedside this summer!”

Click here for more details!

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Memorial day weekend hours

Please take the time to think about the people who’ve served in our armed forces and their families. Their sacrifices need to be remembered and honored.

We’ll have special office hours this week. As always, our doctors are available after hours by phone for emergencies.

All office hours are by appointment only.

Saturday 5/23 Usual Roswell Saturday AM only by appointment
Monday 5/25 Both offices closed
Tuesday 5/26 Resume normal hours

In addition, our Kids Time after hours clinics are open for walk-ins with no appointment necessary:

Saturday 5/23 East Cobb & Alpharetta 1-7
Sunday 5/24 East Cobb & Alpharetta 1-7
Monday 5/25 East Cobb & Alpharetta 1-4
Tuesday 5/26 Resume usual weekday hours, both offices open 6-9 pm





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