Pediatric Physicians, PC is a friendly and welcoming medical practice for your children. Our two offices in Alpharetta and Roswell are staffed by devoted, board-certified pediatricians, practicing the best state-of-the-art pediatric care from newborns to teens, including a 100% commitment to keep your children up to date on vaccines.

We’re easy to reach by telephone–no annoying phone tree!–and there’s plenty of free parking right at the doors of both offices. Same-day sick appointments are always available.

We’re here when you need us, and we’re here to help.

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Thanks for all of the positive reviews!

A few weeks ago, we invited families with children seen in our office in the last three months to do a brief online survey (just 2 questions, we know you all are busy!) The response rate was great, and we really appreciate the feedback.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive. We can’t thank you, our patients, enough — our business relies on word-of-mouth, and your supportive comments to your friends and neighbors are what helps our practice thrive!

We wanted to first share the top positive comments that we’ve received. Yes, this is a little bit of a braggy post, but we’re just so happy with the feedback that we wanted to share.

We also received some very helpful critical comments, too. We’ve already taken steps to address many of those. In future posts here, we’re going to highlight some of the criticisms we’ve received, and talk about what we’re doing to address those. We hope posts like these help continue the dialogue. As much as we love the positive comments, we also need to hear the negatives — that’s the best way to help us continue to improve and serve your children better.

But, for today, only the good news! Presenting, first, the top 5 positive remarks we received from you, our practice families:

#5 : Sick Visit Quick Availability — We always have same-day sick appointments available. When your children are sick, and you’re worried, we’re here for you.

#4: Front Office Staff is Welcoming and Professional — We strive to be welcoming, even when your children aren’t feeling well.

#3: Doctors Spending Enough Time with Patients/Not Feeling Rushed — We’re not here to stare at a clock or tell you when your time is up. When you need more time with the doctor, you’ll get more time with the doctor. That’s the reason we’re here.

#2: Nursing staff is Kid-Friendly, Caring, and Gentle — We know a smile goes a long way, and that a sick or worried child needs extra care. Our team wants children and parents to feel comfortable and loved.

And the #1 comment from the surveys (drum roll please)

#1: Our doctors are great!  — Aw, shucks. There were a ton of comments about our expertise and communication skills and caring attitude. Again, can I say, thanks!! It’s our pleasure to help out, but everyone likes a compliment now and then!

Thanks again for all the kind comments! Next: some of the constructive criticism, and what we’re going to do about it — stay tuned!

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Phones back up at both offices

Our phones are working at both of our offices now – there was a power outage at a major Atlanta data center that affected the entire region.  We are sorry for any inconvenience!

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New Feature! Schedule Sick Appointments Online!

We have enabled a new feature on our patient portal that allows patients and caregivers to schedule sick appointments online!

What is appropriate to schedule via this online tool?

  1. Immediate, non-emergency illnesses or injuries: (new fever, sore throat, stomach bug, ear pain, mild injury that doesn’t need stitches or a cast)
  2. Short term flare-ups of chronic conditions (asthma flare, allergies, eczema, etc).
  3. Only for established patients who have been seen in past 3 years

What is NOT appropriate?:

  1. Chronic or long-term complicated issues: (chronic headache, chronic stomachaches, other chronic illnesses)
  2. Psychological or learning issues: (anxiety, depression, attention problems, behavior problems)
  3. Checkup visits
  4. Medication recheck visits (such as ADD recheck, anxiety medication recheck, etc).
  5. Emergencies, or visits that may need stitches or a cast
  6. New patients, or patients who have not been seen in past 3 years

(Appointments for the above problems can still be requested via a portal message, but will need the assistance of a receptionist to schedule to ensure they are done correctly.)


  1. Log into the patient portal
  2. Make sure you are in the chart of the child who needs the appointment – click on the drop-down on the upper left to switch between children.
  3. Click on the button.
  4. Click on the drop down shown below and pick “Sick Visit”
  5. In the screen that comes up, there will be drop-down options to filter by doctor and location.   The provider drop-down will show only those doctors who your child has seen since switching to our new software, so to see all doctor options leave that as “No Preference.”
  6. Click on a date and time, add a description of the current problem to the Notes text box, then click Schedule Appointment.
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Ventolin and Epipen recalls

Two large recalls are underway for some lots of Epipen/Epipen Jr and Ventolin HFA inhalers.

If you have one of these products at home, check the lot numbers against those in the linked recall notices. For both of these, only some lots are affected, and lots not on the recall lists are fine to continue using. If you’re not sure if your product was recalled, contact your pharmacy. If you need a new prescription to replace a recalled item, give us a call.

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Kids Time is your best choice for after-hours pediatric care

We know children don’t always get sick when it’s convenient. That why we help operate our Kids Time after-hours pediatric care centers. They’re staffed by genuine, board-certified pediatricians, and can help take care of the same acute illnesses we see in our offices—sore throats, fevers, coughs, and many other common complaints. The Kids Time sites take the same insurance as our offices do, often at the same co-pay (please call ahead to confirm the exact rates for your plan. A few plans insist you pay an urgent care co-pay, but most do not.)

Kids Time Alpharetta and East Cobb offices are open from 6-9pm during the week, and from 1-7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Typically the waiting times are short. For more information, visit www.kidstimepeds.com.

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