Pediatric Physicians, PC is a friendly and welcoming medical practice for your children. Our two offices in Alpharetta and Roswell are staffed by devoted, board-certified pediatricians, practicing the best state-of-the-art pediatric care from newborns to teens, including a 100% commitment to keep your children up to date on vaccines.

We’re easy to reach by telephone–no annoying phone tree!–and there’s plenty of free parking right at the doors of both offices. Same-day sick appointments are always available.

We’re here when you need us, and we’re here to help.

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Free vaccine course– learn from an expert!

At our practice, we are 100% committed to making sure your children get their vaccines one time and on schedule– that’s the best way to keep your children and our entire communities safe.

If you’re curious about the science and history of vaccines, you can sign up for a free online course taught by Dr. Paul Offit. He’s a pediatric infectious disease specialist, vaccine expert, and a truly gifted speaker. You’ll learn a tremendous amount about immunization science, including topics like:

  • A history of vaccines
  • Schedules and common questions
  • Vaccines and the media
  • Case study – The rotavirus vaccine
  • Exemptions
  • Recent vaccines and outbreaks

The course starts in April. You can register for free today, or learn more about the course. I highly recommend it!


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Allergy Update!

Dr. Roy has posted an excellent summary of available allergy treatments here. One new development – Flonase is now over-the-counter (joining OTC Nasacort)!

The best way to keep from suffering this allergy season is to be prepared.  Start nasal steroid sprays (such as Flonase, Nasonex, or Nasocort) several weeks prior to the pollen. It takes a week or so for them to kick in, but they are the best treatment available for nasal allergy.  Add on antihistamines (Zyrtec/Allegra/Claritin) if necessary.  Shower and wash hair nightly, and use nasal saline rinses to wash pollen out of your nose.

If none of the above is working, come see us!

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Help Dr. Roy fight childhood cancer

This Sunday I’ll be getting my head shaved to help raise money to fight childhood cancer through St. Baldrick’s. It’s a great charity, and it’s a fun way to let the kids know we love them and would do anything to help.

If you’d like to donate, any amount is appreciated! Click this link to donate– you’ll help children with cancer, and you’ll get a glowy feeling inside. I’ll end up with less hair. It’s a win-win!

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Emory Otoscope Study

Some of the physicians in our practice are partnering with Emory in a study evaluating different types of otoscopes.  If your child has symptoms that suggest an ear infection, you may be asked if you want to participate.  It’s pretty simple, requiring only a couple follow-up phone calls, and you get a $20 gift card if you participate.  See this flyer for details: CPAS otoscope flyer 21Feb15

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We will be opening at 1pm on 2/26

Please drive safely!

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